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How to get started

To start using our affiliate program you only need to have an Overtracking account. All users have a url and an affiliate code that they can enter in any link on their website.

  1. Login and click on your profile icon in the upper right corner. Click on “Referrals”.

  1. In the “Invite People” section you will find your affiliate link that you can copy by clicking on the “Copy referral link” button. You can also add the parameter that appears below “referral_key=…” and add it to any link on your website.

To start using your affiliate link, we recommend that the first thing you do is test the tool and make sure that you like it and it is worth sharing. Then you can take advantage of it in many ways:

  1. Publishing the link in a post on your blog or website or creating a new one talking about the tool.
  1. Posting the link on your social networks.
  2. You can send an email to your subscriber list or include it in a section of your Newsletter.
  3. You can make a video, create audiovisual content and include the link in the description.
  4. You can include it in specialized forums or groups in which you participate.
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