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Differences between the zero-cookies and the full-experience modes

The main difference between zero-cookies mode and full-experience mode is the amount of data that is collected.

Zero-cookies mode uses a small, lightweight tracking script (<3kb) that does not store users’ personally identifiable information. This means that users do not need to accept any cookie or data storage policies. However, zero-cookies mode also has some limitations. For example, it can’t determine whether a user is returning or has visited your page before, nor does it give you access to heatmaps or session recordings.Full-experience mode uses a more complete tracking script that stores more information about user activity. This allows Overtracking to perform a deeper analysis of user behavior, associate custom parameters with users, and access heatmaps and session recordings. However, full-experience mode also collects more data, which can slow down the website a bit.

In any case, the best setup for you will depend on your needs and the specific requirements of your website. If you have a small site with limited traffic and prefer that users not have to accept any cookie policy, zero-cookies mode is a better option. Full-experience mode is most appropriate if you need to perform a more detailed analysis of user behavior. Whichever way you choose, remember that you will always be the sole owner of your data, and you can choose to delete it whenever you want. Overtracking does not share or sell data to third parties, always respecting a privacy-friendly policy.

FeaturesZero-cookies Full-experience 
MetricsWeb traffic metrics and custom goalsWeb traffic metrics, custom goals, heat maps, screen recording, and user tracking.
PrivacyMore information is collected, so it is less invasive on users’ privacy. Accepting the cookie policy is unnecessary because it does not use them.More information is collected that makes it necessary to accept the privacy and cookies policy
Type of websiteSimple analysis, for example: 
Blog monetized with AdSense that is only interested in traffic metrics/page views…
More complete analysis, for example:
Marketplace/e-commerce/SaaS that needs to analyze the number of users who register, add products to the cart…
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