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Events (user journey)

User events are actions carried out on your website by the people on your website. For example, clicking on a link, purchasing a product, submitting a form, or rating a product.

You can check all the events that a user has carried out by checking their user journey.

To do this, log in to your Overtracking account, click on the Dashboard, and click on the visitors icon on the left-side menu.

You will arrive at a page like this, where all the users who have visited your website appear.

Click on the user you want and click on “Pageviews” of the session for which you want to see the events that the user has carried out.

Now a screen like this will appear in which you can see the user journey that the user has been taking during the session: which page they land on, the percentage of scroll they make, which other page they go to, where they click, what events held…

You can use information about user events and user journeys to improve the user experience and prioritize the content on your website that users visit the most or convert the most.

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