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This feature is only available in the full-experience mode.

How to create a heatmap #

To create a heatmap, log in to your account and go to the Dashboard. Once there, press the flame icon that appears in the left side menu of the screen and click on the Create heatmap button Overtracking

Now a screen will appear in which you have to enter the url of the page where you want the heat map to be registered and give it a name so that you can identify it. Remember that if you want to add, for example, the contact page and your url is: you will only have to write the word ‘contact‘, since the domain is already configured by default. Press ‘Create‘ and you have it.

If you want to create a heatmap for the home page you don’t have to fill out anything in the ‘Heatmap Path‘ section. You would have something like this:

Retake snapshots #

If you make changes to your page and want the heat measurement to start from scratch, you can regenerate your heat map. To do this, click on the three vertical points that appear to the right of the map you want to regenerate and click “retake snapshots

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