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How to install Overtracking on any website?

In order to use Overtracking on your website you need to install a tracking script. Installing the script is very simple, you just have to place the JavaScript code on your website.

Once the script is installed on the Web, all users who visit it will load the script in the background and will give us all the necessary details to do our magic and show you the data you need.

  1. Log in to your Overtracking account.
  2. Go to the Websites section
  3. Click the Tracking code/pixel button

4. the Copy Pixel button or select and copy the code from the text box area.

5. Place this code in your HTML, before the closing head tag (</head>).

6. Click on the “Verify Installation” tab and then “Verify.” If an alert box appears saying that the pixel is installed, you have completed the installation process.

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